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2020 Pet-Nat Espumante Branco "Duckman" (Pato, João)

João Pato, Pet-Nat Espumante Branco “Duckman”, Lisboa, Portugal NV

{sustainable} 100% Fernão Pires


If you’re looking for an intro to natural wine, look no further! Maria João Pato (Pato means “duck” in Portuguese) uses only indigenous grapes and minimal intervention. For these wines made from her family’s estate she assumes the identity of the mysterious Duckman, a natural wine winemaker (superhero?), to differentiate hers from her family’s more classical wines. This one is accessible, funky, and a fizzy, cloudy intro to the wild world of pet-nats!

Serving Suggestion: Thai green curry & jasmine rice; deep-fried Portuguese sweet dough; Vietnamese vermicelli salad w/ red bell pepper, lime, peanuts, mint & cilantro


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