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2016 Blatina "Krs Crni" (Skegro Family Winery)

Škegro Family Winery, Blatina "Krš Crni", Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina 2016

100% Blatina


Relatively unknown, Blatina is the workhorse red grape of Herzegovina. Fun fact about Blatina: it’s auto sterile, meaning that unlike virtually every other grape, it cannot pollinate itself. The Bosnians have found an ingenious work-around, co-planting Blatina with other varieties that flower concurrently. Bariša Škegro and company deliver us a glass chock-full of pepper spice, hitting every color on the flavor wheel. A touch of chocolate and black cherry round out the cuvée. Looking to quit your office job? Turn the bottle around for reason #462.

Serving Suggestions: With all that pepper, this one is screaming for lamb. Classic grilled chops w/ thyme & rosemary or regionally significant cevapi (lamb kebabs w/ raw onion.)


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