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2013 Grignolino d'Asti "La Partia Granda" (Cantamessa, Giorgio)

Giorgio Cantamessa, Grignolino d'Asti "La Partia Granda", Piemonte, Italy 2013

100% Grignolino


Bright, refreshing, and with a decidedly athletic build, Grignolino is a Piemontese hallmark that woefully few people have the opportunity to try outside of its region of origin. It fills a youthful niche similar to that of its fellow countryman, Dolcetto, or France's Beaujolais, but Grignolino is usually a bit firmer and lighter with a serious structure belied by its pale color. Bright berryish fruit, rosy floral notes, and spicy mineral abound. Cantamessa specializes in excellent representations of the classic wines from the rare grapes of Asti.

Serving Suggestion: A traditional white wine-braised ossobuco with garlic and anchovies and garnished with gremolata. Steamed Vietnamese pork dumplings with sausage, vermicelli, mushrooms, and onion.


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