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2017 Nebbiolo (Grove Winery)

Grove Winery, Nebbiolo, Guilford County, NC, 2014

91% Nebbiolo, 9% Cabernet Sauvignon


From one Piedmont to another? Nebbiolo, a highly prized grape seldom encountered beyond its native northern Italy, has an unlikely vacation home in the eastern reaches of... Guilford County, NC? Indeed it does, and it remains one of the priorities of the Grove Winery, which annually grows roughly one and 1/2 ton of the regal red. Brimming with classically bright cherry-ish fruit that evolves into something more rustic - and mulberry-like, this is a local delight at once easy to drink and thought-provokingly interesting. Experience our Piedmont terroir as never before!

Serving Suggestions: The Piemontese love their vinegar, and we North Carolinians love our tangy, vinegar-based barbecue and fixins. Lightbulb moment?


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