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"Alma" Quinquina Sidra Digestif (1 Liter) (Trabanco)

Bonal, Gentiane-Quina, Quinquina Digestif, Jura, France NV 16% abv

Made from grape must, bark and gentian (from the mountains of the Grande Chartreuse), created in 1865 by a monk, doctor, brother Raphael (whose real name was Hippolyte Bonal). Traditionally consumed as a digestive or as a mixer in a cocktail. This is a bitter herb mix and one of the original great cocktail mixers available again in the US.

Since 1865, this delicious aperitif wine has stood apart for

its exceptional complexity, delightful flavors and stimulating

palate. Serious to its role as aperitif, it was known as

“ouvre l’appétit” - the key to the appetite. Traditionally enjoyed neat or with a twist; also may enhance classic drinks in place of sweet red vermouth.


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Cidre Demi-Sec "Organic" (Brun de Bretagne, Le)

Le Brun de Bretagne, Cidre Demi-Sec, France NV


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Cidre Pays D'Auge "Cambremer" (Manoir de Montreuil, Domaine du)

Domaine du Manoir de Montreuil, Cidre Pays d'Auge, Normandy, France NV

100% apples


The Giard family has been producing Calvados in the Pays d'Auge for 11 generations. The Domaine du Montreuil orchard was planted on land formerly covered by the sea, hence its distinctive mineral flavor. They produce this cider in vats that are more than a century old, so you're getting the classic, traditional-style cider of this region, although it is not too funky. Rustic yes, delicious yes, authentic yes, expensive no.

Serving Suggestion: Best with cheese, or savory apple flan, chicken in cream sauce or pork braised in cider or local Normandy fish stew.


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Orleans Herbal Aperitif Cider (Eden Specialty Ciders)

Eden Specialty Ciders, Orleans Herbal Aperitif Cider, Vermont apple cider infused with Vermont herbs, NV {biodynamic}


Located in Vermont, Eden Specialty Ciders takes advantage of the cold New England winters to concentrate their already ripe heirloom apples. Their Orleans Aperitif Ciders are made just like vermouth, except with cider as the base rather than wine. This version is infused with a special blend of Vermont-grown herbs and flowers, resulting in a powerfully bright and concentrated potion. We like it served chilled over a few ice cubes with a splash of sparkling mineral water or paired with sparkling wine for a springy spritz. Once opened, keep in your fridge.

Serving Suggestion: The perfect aperitif to sip before an autumnal feast! Serve alongside baked brie w/ apple butter & toasted walnuts.


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Poiré de Nomandie ''Authentique'' [750ml] (Eric Bordelet)

Eric Bordelet, Poiré de Nomandie "Authentique", Normandy, France NV

{biodynamic} 100% Pear


What is this? Pear Cider is what it is! Peary to the Brits, and Poiré to the French is the little known, more sophisticated sister to fine apple cider. Trust us on this, it's a delicious, startling realization that there are still plenty of amazing, satisfying things in the world that we just aren't familiar with yet. Fairly dry, tart and highly aromatic. Bordelet is the king of the cider world, and this is the evidence.

Serving Suggestions: A green salad with fresh chevre, beets, roasted almonds, and mandarin oranges.


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Pommeau de Normandie (Lemorton)

Didier Lemorton, Pommeau de Normandie, Normandy, France


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Sidra Natural (Basque) [375ml] (Isastegi Sagardo)

Isastegi Sagardo, Basque Sidra Natural [375ml], Basque, Spain NV


During a very long, very fun evening at Mateo Bar y Tapas, over plates of jamon y trucha, pan con tomate, and morcilla, our good friend Nate Mayorga remarked that his fifth glass of Isastegi tasted like "a clean attic filled with well-cared-for records." We thought that was the greatest sentence ever spoken, both for its poeticism and appropriateness. This is a serious Basque potion packed with tart, rich, briny apple flavor and not a drop of sweetness. Perfect for very long, very fun nights.

Serving suggestions: Anything, really, as long as it keeps on coming. But for Basque purposes let's say omelettes with Bacalao and oysters.


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Sidre Brut ''Tendre'' (Eric Bordelet)

Eric Bordelet, Cidre de Nomandie Brut "Tendre", Normandy, France NV

{biodynamic} Non-hybridized, Antique apple varieties


Eric Bordelet is a sommelier by training, but with the guidance of his friend/iconic winemaker Didier Dagueneau, he took over the family estate in 1992 with the goal of making ciders comparable to fine wines. With ancient varietal apple trees, Eric picks from 20 different varieties for their sugar level, acid levels and bitterness, then blends the fruits for complex, otherworldly cider. Every apple is hand picked and then left to dehydrate in crates before pressing. This cider is just off-dry and shows fine bubbles in the glass. (About 4% ABV)

Serving Suggestions: As an aperitif before dinner, or with leaf lettuce based salads and brie tart.


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