Wine Authorities - About Us

Opened in 2007 as an alternative to snobby or corporate wine shops, Wine Authorities was created by two seasoned wine professionals from the perspective of the average wine customer. This customer wanted a friendly wine shop that was easy to shop. It would be as complex or simple as they wanted it to be. It would have a great sense of humor, but was serious about its intelligent selection of delicious wines with integrity, value, and soul, all under $50. It would be a 21st century wine shop, with a twelve bottle Enomatic “wine dispensing machine”, a website that privately displays their entire purchase history (with label shots, descriptions, their ratings and notes), and instantly printed out wine purchase descriptions at the checkout. It would teach them about wine and support the community through charitable donations and awareness.

The store has been an unabashed success, earning a warm spot in the heart of Triangle residents and the farmer winemakers from around the world who they work with. This isn’t just any wine shop, it’s a special place.

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“Grand Poobah Wine Swami” - (Craig Heffley - owner/buyer) The fanatic in charge, GPWS is equally passionate about giving the customer an incredible experience, and screaming from the soapbox about the importance of small, independent, family-owned estate wineries. One day he wants to spend a year someplace nice, barefoot.

“The Notorious DOCG” (Kate Elia - store manager) As deft and brilliant with cheese as wine, DOCG runs the house and keeps the posse focused. An avid futballer, her lovable, amicable personality in the store gets dropped when she’s on the pitch.

“Brut Sauvage” (Randy Bolick - floor manager) Brut Sauvage is our metrosexual Mr. Hustle, keeping the store stocked and ship shape, ready for the next onslaught of customers. Special orders, shipping and customer service are among his skills, as are fitness and general manliness.

“Vinodrome” (Mic Finger - tech admin/wine education) Quirky and talented, this mad genius may be some sort of laboratory creation, with his passion for esoterica and dense wine knowledge. The physical world conspires against him, so don’t ask Vinodrome anything about sports or general organization.

“Malbecka” (Mariana Lane - Cellar Rat) Malbecka es una vendedora seductora, encantadora y ayudara a comprar lo que es correcto para usted, pero tal vez no es lo que está buscando.

“Primitiva” (Sara Bell - Cellar Rat) A multitalented musician and folklorist, Primitiva speaks multiple languages and charms with an humble attitude. She clearly loves people and will go the distance to make sure they get exactly that for which they are searching.

“Sabrage Catastrophe” (Nick Williams - Cellar Rat) Philosopher punk Sabrage Catastrophe is another talented multi-instrumentalist, with a deep passion for fine cuisine, fine spirits and psychedelic krautrock. He’s forcefully opinionated, but willing to concede if the facts clearly fall against him. A rare combination.